Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

“To improve the quality of our environment, everybody has to get involved.”

WJ takes to heart this call for all of us to do what we can. Indeed, working toward environmental protection is one goal upon which everyone should agree is absolutely critical for the future of our planet.

Here are some of the initiatives that WJ has adopted as part of our environmental responsibility:

High-efficiency Boilers

Using high-efficiency boilers drops energy consumption by up to 30% compared to older water heating systems.

LED Lighting

Better efficiency is better for the environment. In fact, the energy savings could range between 30% to 90%. That’s why WJ has installed LED lights in hallways, stairways, building exteriors, and garages.

Low-flow Shower Heads & Faucets

Low flow shower heads can decrease water consumption by 40% or more!

Variable Frequency Drives

Installing these drives for fans and water pumps enhance our environmental efforts by generating significant energy reductions.

EV Charging Stations

WJ has started installing EV Charging Stations in select buildings to facilitate the transition to more environmentally friendly cars.