Giving Back

Tri-Hoops and Skates for Grenoble Public School

Thanks to the continued support of WJ Properties, we have been able to add a tri-hoop to our repertoire of daily playground activities.The students also benefit from WJ’s subsidization of our skate program thanks, which allows them to go skating (on sharp blades!) numerous times between November and March at Flemingdon Park Arena. Without this continued partnership with WJ Properties, many of the excellent initiatives that benefit our students would be financially impossible.

Thanks again for your support,
Mark Bondy

Grenoble P.S. Kids Return to Camp Tapawingo

Grade 4 and 5 students from Grenoble P.S. once again enjoyed a wonderful time at Camp Tapawingo this past June. Thanks to the continued financial support and generosity of WJ Properties, close to 100 students had their camping experience subsidized to allow them to participate. While at the camp, the children swam in Georgian Bay, canoed along tranquil streams, sang campfire songs and ate some amazing camp food. These are only a few of the exciting activities that the kids participated in during their 3-day, 2-night adventure. This year’s grade 4 and 5 students eagerly look forward to creating the same type of lasting memories! Thanks for your support, Mark Bondy

WJ Properties Supports Grenoble Public School’s Camps:

  • December 2014 Angela James Arena: Skating buddies having fun
  • June 12th 2014 Parry Sound ON, Camp Tapawingo: Surfs up, dudes!!!